Yooye is the company of Thomas Kruithof. Whether data strategy is at the core of your business or you have only just realised that you are sitting on a data gold mine, he can help to improve your yield through data management and analysis. Thomas works on a project basis, but is also available ad-interim to provide extra hands.

He is specialised in getting the questions clear and provide data driven answers. He has a strong capacity to translate commercial questions into technical solutions and has a wide experience in Project Management and training people. Next to that, Thomas is an experienced data analyst, knows his way around databases and understands algorithms.

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Thomas is a senior data strategist. He has experience in data analysis, project management and programmatic marketing.

For the last three years, Thomas worked at Yieldr Display Advertising. He was the Head of Optimisation and Data Analysis and responsible for the optimisation of all programmatic and RTB campaigns. Next to that, he worked extensively on translating commercial needs to technical solutions. For example, he wrote the blue print for Yieldr’s most sophisticated CPA algorithm.

Before moving into online advertising, Thomas worked in the energy sector for almost five years. He did his masters in (sustainable) energy technology and graduated after an internship at Shell Global Solutions.

He started his professional carreer at Nuon, the largest utility in the Netherlands, where he performed feasibilty studies around innovative and sustainable energy solutions. After that he became a member of the deal team working on the merger between the Swedish Vattenfall and Nuon. He managed the data room, prepared and wrote the information memorandum and worked on the competition filing at the European Union.

After that, he worked for two years at Eemflow Energy, an energy consultancy company active in all parts of the value chain. Thomas worked on various projects, from analysing saving potential using active energy management and demand response to advise on implementation of new energy related products.

Thomas has worked intensively with Tableau, SQL, Appnexus, Graphite and Redshift.

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